#TBT: Driving up the PCH and spending a few days in San Fran

Last August we planned on driving up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) on the way to San Francisco, CA for my 28th birthday. Normally the drive from San Diego to San Fran is like a 6-8 hour drive depending on how many stops you take. We took close to 12 hours on the PCH lol. The thing you should remember is that there are SO SO many vista points on the PCH, each one can be so different from the last, that you can really spend a really long time driving. This drive just so happened to be one of my favorite moments in California. The coast is so beautiful and picturesque that it’s hard to not sit and stare. We took many pics of course, with and without Keester, but they don’t do the coast justice. If you ever get a chance to even drive a mile on this coast…don’t pass it up.

When we finally made it to San Fran, it was my birthday, we were unaware of how cold it would be. Remember we are from Miami. 45 degrees in August is mind boggling! Juliet unfortunately brought a lot of sun dresses and what a mistake that was! It still didn’t stop us from planning out a great day. We bought tickets to a San Francisco Giants game during the day, which Juliet will touch on that in her Home Field Advantage post, and totally enjoyed the stadium. I think it’s probably our favorite one we’ve been to so far. It’s right by the water and provides a great view. After that we ate lunch at 21st Amendment, which we actually heard about from a microbrewer in San Diego. It’s a nice place to eat and enjoy some interesting craft beer. Juliet had their watermelon beer, that isn’t made of watermelon but has one sliced in there. We explored the city a little more but mainly the best part was discovering our favorite restaurant, E Tutto Qua. If you’ve been reading our blog you may have heard about this awesome Italian restaurant from us before but this is where it began. We initially wanted to eat dinner at a restaurant a block away but since it was late, and cold, we walked to E tutto Qua instead. It absolutely changed my life ha-ha. They do such a great job of taking care of the customers and making them feel wanted and happy that…it ruins it for other restaurants that don’t compare at all. Not to mention that their food is spectacular. I miss that place…and as of today, it’s only been a week and a half since we ate there. :)

The following day we explored San Fran some more. We did the typical tourist stuff that is still awesome to do. We walked around and made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, we actually got super lost walking to the bridge that it turned into a miserable adventure. Remember how it was like 45 degrees? Now go walk an impromptu 3-4 mile hike to the bridge. We didn’t expect to be out there so long lol. Eventually Juliet and I made it to the bridge and barely got to see it. Thanks to..the….fog. Which is another thing I wasn’t aware of. It gets crazy foggybou. Unfortunately it got foggy enough that we could barely see the bridge besides the red bottom. Long heels, red bottom? anyone? lol—anyway, we also made it to Fisherman’s Wharf toward the end of the day and had dinner at Boudin Bakery. The wharf is definitely an interesting place to visit. Yes, it’s touristy. Yes, it kind of smells. But it’s a must-see in SF.

The next day we visited Napa and the Muir woods but more on that next week.



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